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Bathroom Remodeling Trends You Should Avoid

Bathroom Remodeling Trends You Should Avoid
Spring is a time of renewal, so you may see it as a great time to revamp the look and functionality of your bathroom. Its an understandable impulse, and a potentially fruitful one if you commit to the proper amount of planning and preparation. Part of that planning phrase includes bucking the bath remodeling trends that, while popular, dont directly enrich the comfort or value of your home.

If you need some assistance separating the trendy from the tangibly valuable, there are several bathroom renovations you should spare an additional moment to consider before investing in. Our suggestions range from simple cosmetic alterations to costlier, long-term modifications. Whatever your budget and aspirations warrant, make sure to avoid these (and other) bathroom remodeling trends that may not fully serve your overall vision.

Glossy Tile Floors

Everybody wants their bathroom to carry that modern shine, so many will invest in large glossy tiling or polished stone in search of that contemporary look. Its important to remember, though, that a well-designed bathroom is one that promotes user safety. A slippery surface, or one with reduced grout lines and tractions, could create more of a hazard than a haven. Its also key to choose a non-porous material, so you dont have to work about loosening tiles. That means youd do well to take a hard pass on that rich wood flooring.

Installing an Oversized Tub

If you want a bathroom that offers a lot of relaxation, it stands to reason that you would want your spaces most relaxing fixture to be as big and spacious as possible. Size isnt everything here, however; a bulky, obstructive tub will restrict your floor space, drive up your monthly water usage, and depending on the bathing preferences of your cohabitants, may not be utilized as much as you anticipate. If youre still dead-set on going all-out with your bathtub, a walk-in tub installation may be the better bet because improving bathroom accessibility is always a surefire way to improve ROI and resale value.

The Monochrome Zone

interior design isnt for everyone. Those that lack a passion or aptitude for it, then, may choose a monochromatic color scheme, but not simply because they harbor a grudge against vibrant color schemes. Some may think that a monochromatic bathroom cuts down on design and maintenance needs, which isnt entirely untrue; but if your first and only color choice is too bold or personalized, it can be an instant deal breaker for future buyers.

If youre looking for an alternative that isnt too effort-intensive, choose three tones of a relatively neutral color (e.g., gray, muted blue, white, etc.), then distribute those on a 60-30-10 scale, with the boldest tone used the most sparingly. This route doesnt require a gift for color coordination, but it also is premeditated enough to provide personalized visual flair.

Making Your Toilet the Focal Point

Consider the paradox of the toilet: you cant have a bathroom without one, but you also dont want it to be the tone-setter for your space, because ultimately, the sight of a toilet brings the thought of it being used. As such, you want to avoid having your throne within the direct line of sight of an entering visitor, if possible. Bathroom reconfiguration can be an expensive project, so we recommend either installing a small partition or using storage cabinets to serve as one. The segmentation of your bathroom will also give the sense that your space is layered and versatile, which is a huge benefit for those with smaller bathrooms.

Being Trendy Can Be Costly

Bathroom remodeling is often costly, time-intensive, and resource-exhaustive, so chasing every new trend is a poor strategy, unless you have an unlimited budget and a wide-open personal schedule. Instead of going out of your way to conform to whats in, prioritize your bath remodeling projects based on which renovations give your space the biggest, most pronounced bump in safety, durability, functionality, or visual appeal.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideal From Flooring, Lighting To Sound Systems

Bathroom Remodeling Ideal From Flooring, Lighting To Sound Systems
Your bathroom is one of the most important areas in your home and in fact, the bathroom has evolved from being a place to simply wash up to being a place to relax in. This is why so many products as well as fixtures are being sold today that help make your bathroom the ultimate place to relax in. There are therefore several wonderful bathroom remodeling ideas to take into account that will help in beautifying as well as making your bathroom a truly pleasurable place in your home.

More Comfort and Beauty

The main purpose of remodeling your bathroom should be to create a comfortable ambience and to also beautify the bathroom. Therefore, any bathroom remodeling idea must address these two aspects before anything else. The fact of the matter is that bathroom remodeling ideas can range from being very simple to very complex and which ones you choose all depend on your budget as well as the designs you wish to incorporate.

The size of your bathroom is an important deciding factor that will affect the kind of bathroom remodeling ideas you come up with in regard to accessorizing the bathroom, adding fixtures as well as remodeling the bathroom as a whole. Most people will include things such as adding bath heaters or showers as well as tubs at the top of their list of bathroom remodeling ideas.

Lighting is another important part of remodeling your bathroom and so, many bright bathroom remodeling ideas can be thought of when dealing with making your bathroom brighter in order to set certain kind of moods. You will also need to come up with creative bathroom remodeling ideas in regard to placement of lights as too the number of light fixtures to be used in your bathroom.

Shower accessories also will call for some bright bathroom remodeling ideas and here again you can choose from various items including shower curtains as too glass shower doors. Anything that fits in well in the available space and which adds to the safety of your bathroom should be considered.

Some people like to listen to their favorite songs when they are in their bathrooms. Adding a good sound system to your bathroom is another feature for which you will need to think of some very useful bathroom remodeling ideas.

Even when it concerns small bathroom remodeling ideas you will need to start off by setting into place some good plans and you will also need to come up with innovative designs that will help make best use of limited spaces. In fact, by simply focusing on just a couple of main areas of your small bathroom you can do wonders for this important area within your home.

Bathroom Design Ideas for a Remodeling Project.

Bathroom Design Ideas for a Remodeling Project.
Want to renovate your home, but lack the motivation? Maybe you feel a little reluctant. After all, renovations are a bit complex. There are so many wall and floor design options out there. So its hard to know what choose

And you only get 1 chance. Install the wrong designs, and youll have to pay $1000s for another remodeling project. But dont worry! If youre lacking in inspiration, we can help you out. Below, well talk about some inspirational bathroom designs that you can adopt for your home. Those designs suits all kinds of accommodations from large villas to small apartments!

Design Idea #1: Hardwood Floors.

Hardwood is a beautiful style element for any home. It looks natural, and thats because it is natural. Hardwood floor is made from real wood that is polished for a good shine. Hardwood floors come in many tones and options. And they add a classic look to any bathroom that is pleasing to the eye. You may want to install one in your bathroom. In fact, you may want to install hardwood floors in normal rooms too!

Beautiful But Comes with a Drawback.

Youll deal with a lot of moisture problems. Wood gets ruined by water. And in a bathroom, youre going to use a lot of water. Youll have water coming out of showers in the form of hot steam. Youll then have occasional water spills that risk the health of hardwood floors. Now hardwood floors are designed for extra water durability. But theyre still more affected by moisture than other floor options. Also, hardwood needs to be meticulously installed. You dont want cracks or spaces that moisture can seep into.

This risks ruining wood floors from unseen angles.

So – its a beautiful design option. But its costly to install and repair. Thus, you should look for flooring thats stronger and more reliable.

Design Idea #2: Stainless Steel Sheets.

Theyre as strong as hardwood floors, but more reliable than hardwood floors. And they give an awesome aesthetic mood to your bathroom! Stainless steel sheets add a modern look to any bathroom. They shine and glimmer, reminding you a lot of ballroom environments. And they look really good when you let the sun into a bathroom or when turning on bathroom lights. Theyre also harder to stain than hardwood. And theyre much easier to clean, where a good wipe is all you need. Thus, you can maintain the new look of stainless steel sheets for a long period of time.

But They Come With Their Own Functional Problems

This being rust. Its not as bad as the moisture issues of hardwood floors. At least with stainless steel, the moisture isnt absorbed into the tiles. But rust still looks bad. And youll need to keep an anti-rust can for occasional fixes. So you do get a modern glimmering look. But youve got to maintain it constantly beyond the occasional cleaning.

Design Idea #3: Wall Panels.

Wall panels are beautiful. And theyre also waterproof. So they solve problems that come with the first 2 design ideas! interior wall panels for bathrooms are moisture resistant. They do not absorb water from accidental spills. Nor do they absorb vapor from hot water use. Theyre similar to rubber in their properties, except that theyre more flexible. Also, interior wall panels do no rust. They are not made from iron or steel so you dont have to worry about developing color mismatches. Those panels are made from PVC. This is the same type of vinyl material used for artificial wood floors. Theyre known for extremely high levels of durability and resistance to scratching. To simply put – PVC is a set and forget type of design material. Youll never worry about design problems with the bathroom renovation!

Many Design Options.

You can get many different types of wall panels for your bathroom. And you can mix and match designs too! For example, you can get exclusive colors for shower wall panels. Theyll resist water, while giving you something beautiful to look at! You can install different colors in different bathrooms. This gives you a form of variety when stepping from 1 bathroom to another!

Get Your Bathroom Wall Panels Now.

The design options for those are endless. So its time do your research Head online and type shower wall panels near me. This should give you a good list of vendors, and a wide range of options to shop from!

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Cynthia Madison is a young blogger and economics and marketing graduate. She writes about home, lifestyle and family topics and is a frequent contributor to popular niche publications.

How Would You Like To Design Your Own Ranch House

How Would You Like To Design Your Own Ranch House

Image source:

My father was always at work out back in his little workshop, and he taught me how to fix and build all manner of household projects so I figured, why should drawing and building ranch house designs be any different.

I've wanted to design my own ranch house for years, but was hindered by a lack of architectural knowledge. I've been pretty handy since I was little.

I've never been one to let common sense stand in my way. I thought that ranch house designs would be easier than other houses, because they only take up one story, and so don't require as much structural support.

I knew the ins and outs of wiring and plumbing, and knew a little bit about post and beam construction, so I figured what the heck, and gut an architectural CAD program to start working out some ranch house designs.

Well, as they say, live and learn. Just learning the program enough to come up with my ranch house designs was practically nightmarish. Architectural CAD programs are used by professional house designers, and ease of use is not the number one consideration which goes into designing them. Whether you're designing a ranch house, or just laying out your bathroom, there is much more that goes in to layout than you might imagine.

And then there are safety regulations which you must keep in mind. Legal ranch house designs don't just incorporate floor plan and roof. You have to learn all about designing and building a foundation, and that is another set of skills altogether.

Then there are fire safety codes, legal load limits, basement design to insure water-tightness. By the time I had come up with a few finished ranch house designs, two years had passed.

I picked my favorite ranch house design, enlisted the weekend aid of a few friends, and got to work. It was like the whole project was doomed.

I picked had picked the most ambitious of the ranch house designs, a house plan far beyond my ability. Because it wasn't a simple rectangular floor plan, but instead incorporated an internal courtyard, it was hideously difficult to precisely excavate and lay out the basement.

And once this was done, there was an unseen problem – the courtyard entrance was so small, that I couldn't get heavy equipment needed for house construction through the door. I'm happy to be designing and building my own ranch house, but I'm glad I'll only have to do it once.

4 Major Challenges of Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Each day there is a new mobile application being developed. These apps are not just helping people to wake up in the morning and read the latest news or to watch their favorite shows, but they are helping people to grow their business. It was a few years ago that these applications were a new invention, and it was all new for people. However, now things have become different, as the market grew over the past few years, the demand for application quality as users has increased.

To have a quality application, an efficient mobile app testing is essential. A good application needs to be tested properly, and the quality standards should also be kept in mind. But, what are the biggest challenges of mobile application testing that should be identified?

1. There are many devices that have made testing an actual pain. Most of the manufacturers are creating tablets and smartphones with different screen sizes and other filling such as RAM-memory, CPU, etc. A good application needs to run on devices that your end-user may possess. Therefore, this is the number one mobile testing issue these days.

2. Having an appropriate tool for testing is a major issue. There are tools that are narrow and are not allowing too much functional on various operating systems and devices. Therefore, every device needs a specific set of tools, and these tools are very expensive.

3. With more and more operating systems coming each day, testing has become a lot more difficult nowadays. Certainly, there are always Android and iOS, which are relatively stable, however what if you have a wider set of audience. The total amount of operating systems and their versions with your application might be limitless.

4. Resources with the right knowledge and skilled QA testers are hard to find, this becomes a huge challenge for the companies.

Recommendations on testing strategies

A hands-on approach:  Every tester in this world knows its impossible to cover every possible perspective in testing. You cant cover an extensive amalgamation of all devices and OS versions, so its best to target the significant devices. Evaluate which device has the largest market stake and focus on the OS version with the utmost dissemination. Explore what is popular with the demographic being targeted, and you can abstract more worth from your testing.

Go for an unsolidified structure and evade a solid base: Begin using simulators to recognize bugs and functional issues. Afterwards, you can move to tangible devices and perhaps accessed devices remotely when you begin testing in actual conditions and considering network and security impact.

Checking the quality of the product mainly through functional and usability testing should be the main aim, but one has to keep a vigilant check that new features may be discarded into the mix during development. Everything must be checked before it goes live.

The challenges of mobile testing are exceptional. The fact is that each testing choice a tester takes up will have advantages and disadvantages associated with it, and the tester needs to identify what will be a perfect choice. For that, an extensive testing strategy combined with different testing options that together will provide you with the best testing which as a result balances the quality, transaction cost, and time-to-market.

We all knows that the challenges of mobile testing are distinctive and therefore is the solution which is the combination of tools, platforms, frameworks and testing experts; that strike the balance between cost, quality and time-to-market.

You might have worked on building the useful app, but to make it effective in the market it has to work effectively. An effective and active mobile testing approach forms the base of delivering rock-solid, right-first-time apps