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4 Reasons to Use Roman Blinds for Your Home

Roman Blinds for Your Home

When decorating their houses, people use curtains and blinds for more privacy and comfort. From the multitude of types and styles that can be found on the market, some people prefer a specific type of blinds called roman blinds, because they find them elegant, modern and sophisticated. These decorations can add more luxury and warmth to the look of a houses interior. Lets see exactly what are the best reasons to choose them:

1.Attractive Look

The first good reason to use roman blinds in your home is their aesthetic value. Their lines are clean, and this contributes to the modern appearance of these decorations. You can choose from a multitude of colors and models to fit the interior of your home, because this is important if you want to obtain an optimal effect.

2.Ease of Use

Because of their simple design, as they are made from a single piece of fabric, these blinds are easy to use. It is known how hard it can be sometimes to install curtains, but blinds are usually much easier to install and use. They can block sunlight and offer privacy in a similar manner to how curtains do, but they can also have more transparency.

3.Good Prices

If you make a comparison between curtains and roman blinds, the second option is usually much cheaper. It depends a lot on the materials from which each of the two types of products are made. Regardless of the type you choose, these blinds are affordable.


Due to their high durability, these types of decorations can be used for a long period of time. How much they last depends also on how much you take care of them, but they are also easy to maintain. The material from which they are made plays an important role in this, as not all materials are easy to wash.

As you can see, there are great advantages for those who are using roman blinds. You will have to choose the size of the blinds, so make sure you measure your windows correctly. Then, you will have to choose from different types, according to what you prefer. These blinds can be used either alone, or combined with curtains, for creating an amazing ambiance in your home. Now that you have good reasons to choose roman blinds, you can reach a better decision.

As a conclusion, you can choose any type of curtains or blinds you like. Your home is your private space and your interior design should reflect the person that you really are. Try to step away from the stereotypes you see around everyday and if someone tells you they don’t like long curtains but you do, stop considering his option. Even if we talk about paper towels – you like the ones with tiny flower prints? You buy them!

Personally, I wouldn’t even consider my husband’s opinnion! He always says “let the sun come in” but I am just really uncomfortable if my windows aren’t covered. I would place curtains and blinds even in the bathroom. Some people say I’m really crazy; others are just like me and they love the fact that there is someone else out there that shares their feelings and beliefs on what interior design really means and how it affects the human being. I think it’s more that a matter of taste; psychologically, the choices you make say a lot about you, even if we talk about interior design. People that buy blue rugs and shower curtains with the ocean theme for their bathroom, I can say, they are very shallow people. Can you deny it? Can you?

4 Master Bathroom Upgrades to look Forward in 2018


Bathroom Upgrades

A master bathroom is where we seek comfort and luxury and the quotient rises when it is the master bath. When remodeled with care and perfection, a master bathroom promises many years of pleasure and aesthetic value. But only if skilled hands and minds execute the job, when you do an amateur job, you get the reminder about the fact very often.

Thanks to the experts for coming up perfection in the job that bathroom remodeling has a redefined presentation that can be seen and felt at the same time. While remodeling a bathroom, experts strike the perfect balance between quality of construction and functional design. All this in your pre-decided budget for the master bathroom remodeling or upgrade.

Bathroom needs grass-root dcor as there arent any furniture and accessories, like any other room, to enhance the look of the space. Best utilization and presentation of the space itself has to speak for the feeling grounded underneath- restorative, serene, organized and restful.

From a white marble bath space that speaks timelessness and serenity to a white tiled bath space with elegant showers that depicts luxury and class, there are many bathroom upgrades that one can look forward to.

In this article, we will discuss 4 major bathroom upgrades and what makes them the top picks.

Upgrading Master Bathroom:

Master bathroom is the bathing area attached to your master bedroom and primarily used by the owners of the house. It is larger than other bathrooms in the house and thus has more scope for executing better upgrades. Time and now, experts have come up with better ideas and innovative presentations of this private space of the house. Each upgrade refines or curates more personal space in the bathroom and sets it bespoke to your requirements. Here are our top 5 recommendations for master bath upgrades:

Floating Vanities:

Floating Vanity is the new say in 2018. Just like Furniture Vanity made a buzz in 2017, floating vanities are sure to leave homeowners, especially those in love with their bathrooms, awe-inspired. While furniture vanity looks like a custom piece of jewelry that plays artfully with your home dcor and is retrofitted in a way to have enough space for a sink and plumbing, floating vanity is entirely different.

Just as the name suggests, floating vanity is a type of vanity that has all its plumbing parts and components encapsulated under a skirt or some sort of design made of wood, stone or any other refinishing material. The primary motive of this type of vanity is to enhance the visual appeal while simplifying the functionality. Primarily used in modern designed bathrooms, this type of vanity is becoming more and more famous style among homeowners and the results are simply mesmerizing.

From experimenting with the plumbing pipes to re-innovating the bath space into a powder room cum full bathroom, there is a lot to do with your little private space. People have also tried traditional styles or experimented with fusion to make the bathrooms an eye candy to the spectator.

Bathroom Upgrades

A bathtub in the Bedroom:

For some, this might be weird, but for some, this is the very innovation that helps them make their bathroom more personalized and private space. Though you cannot adapt it with every type of floor plan, this bathroom upgrade is surely for the romantic sorts of persons, provided you have a spare room to set up the toilet, sink and shower while your bathtub artistically stands on your bedroom floor.

However, you need professional bathroom repair and refinish expertise to set up the entire thing in a way that it doesnt appear too much cheesy. It must be done in a tasteful way while analyzing the architecture of your room and house perfectly.

There are many proud homeowners, who already have this upgrade pleasingly installed in their living space. The setup can be rustic or pristine white and on a pedestal or without it, according to your choice. Whatever you pick, first stay prepared to compromise with your privacy but only for something better.

Black Fixtures with open ledge storage:

Black is elegant and simply the king of the colors when it comes to experimenting with the bath space. While brass remains our core color for bathroom upgrades, we cannot hide our love for black, bathroom fittings. And trust us, some of the bathrooms with this setup has all the power to captivate your mind and soul. A timeless color, and also very easy to adapt to a variety of bathroom styles.

This is a core reason this trend is becoming more and more famous with each passing day. Its ability to gel up with any type of surface, hardware, background, material and more is what makes it a hot choice for bathroom upgrade trends for 2018.

From bathroom fittings to door and maybe a wall or half more, artistically balanced bathroom definitely bring a visual dose for the eyes and goes deep within. People have also admired black and white stripped tiles, offering a clean and classic look. The best part is, it let you keep the bathroom minimalistic in terms of view yet offer a great appeal of elegance.

The black, when combined with open ledge storage, does wonders in real life. Not a while ago, we left the walls clean and started stacking all the things on the ledges, but this time, homeowners want something different. They do not want to do away with the art pieces but make it small while making more space for toiletries, soaps and a few toothbrushes on the ledge.

However, not everything can be stacked in these ledges and you may need a medicine cabinet to stock the excess items. Only prettier and visually appealing items can be put on this arrangement and not any ugly toothbrush or a half empty and rolled tube of shaving cream.

While some may complain that the feature lacks functionality, for others, this can be a pure delight for the eyes.

Marbled walls:

Just like diamonds, marbles are forever. They were always the trendy and classy part of the bathroom walls and will always remain the same. But, this year, the homeowners & bathroom designers love for marbles has got a boost. 2018 is boasting about more and more use of marble, making bathrooms stonier than ever. It can be a long marble slab, stretching from the floor to just beneath the ceiling or a horizontal slab from one wall to another holding the basin and a few decorative items may be.

If you like things to be simple and away from a chaotic visual appeal, marbled walls come up as an option to rely on. Moreover, it does not bind you with any color scheme and paint the canvas as the way you admire, without losing the classic effect.

However, experts suggest that when you use marble, you should use anything else to let the marble outshine. The marble remains the focal point while everything other empowers the background.

The latest trend in marble walls is Bookmatching it appears in the marble wall is an open book. For this, the marble experts chop the marble in two halves and join them in a way that the same patterns come side-by-side, giving a feeling of an open book. Trust us on this, the final look is simply majestic.

There are many other bathroom remodeling upgrades that are making way to be big in 2018. While some of them are already tested by homeowners, a few of them are still waiting for the experiment to be executed in a real-life home.

A few dos and donts of bathroom upgrades:

Just like any other renovation project, there are a few things that can make or destroy your bathroom aesthetics. When you work under expert guidance these things can be ignored as the professionals are there to take care of the job. But, in case of DIY projects, things become a little complicated. So, here are a few dos and donts that you must keep in mind for a bathroom upgrade:


Always have a set budget for the project but expect to step out of it as many things will come your way. A few unexpected problems that you may face during bathroom upgrades include water leakage problem, floor damage problem, old sub-floor decay and more.
Keep the toilet in covers if you are planning an integrated bathroom. This way it can be utilized more easily.
Choose surfaces that allow friction. This way you can prevent untoward accidents.
Shell out money when designing the bathroom shower. It is one of the prime areas that demand your attention, in terms of creativity as well as budget.


Never rush into the process, it is a critical job and the professionals need their time to bring out awesome results.
Hire skilled labor if you are expecting a dreamlike bathroom for your dreamy adobe.

So, now that you know what and how to go for the master bath upgrades, what are you waiting for? Go, get your bathroom revamped to the latest trends.

4 Inexpensive Ways to Maximize Your Restaurants Interior Design to Bring in Business

4 Inexpensive Ways to Maximize Your Restaurants Interior Design to Bring in Business


Tight economic times have caused diners to tighten their belts. Less inclined to take a chance on new restaurants, they are instead spending limited dollars on old favorites or making do with meals at home. However, dinner out is still the preferred way to celebrate special occasions, close business deals, and take a break from the daily grind. For new establishments, appealing interior design ensures that when patrons decide where to eat, whether for a party, a meeting, or a rare treat, your location will be first choice.

Excellence in design communicates concept and cements your restaurants brand. Appropriate atmosphere is nearly as important as the quality of the food. When customers tell friends and neighbors about you, oversights in either will be among the first details discussed. Be certain to get rave reviews and repeat business by attending to the essential interior elements.

1. Low Cost, High Impact

Dingy paint and plain white walls give an unkempt, uncared for impression. A fresh coat will inspire confidence in the cleanliness of your kitchen, and a splash of color will make decor memorable. Updating paint is a quick and cost-effective way to achieve immediate and positive results.

2. Creating Ambiance

Your lighting decisions will have the greatest impact on the sort of clientele you attract. Be sure to choose options that match the tone and style of the ambience you would like to create. While fine dining is best captured with calm and elegant selections, family restaurants are better served by a bright and colorful light mixture. Those looking for a little romance will rely on a soft indirect glow, perhaps accented by candlelight.

3. Inventive Decor

No matter what their relationship to each other, your guests will thank you for conversation-starting decor. Any concept can be enhanced with appropriate art and interesting props to add to the illusion that real life was left at the door. Elegant framed antique maps would complement an upscale Italian eatery, while sports memorabilia is a reliable standby for bars and quick service locations. Find a new approach to ocean themes for your seafood restaurant, or incorporate mementos of local history into your old-fashioned diner. Creativity in all of the decorative elements, pulled together in a harmonious overall feel, will add to your customers comfort and promote positive word-of-mouth advertising.

4. Fabulous Furnishings

Selecting your furnishings is the greatest challenge, as you need each item to have multiple, sometimes competing characteristics. Seating must be strong and durable, with easy to clean upholstery fabric, and also be comfortable for an assortment of figures. Tables have to be steady, with legs that dont cause discomfort to diners. Their shape will determine how many your establishment can seat, in what configuration, and the ease with which you can accommodate parties of varying sizes.

Remember that excellent interior design is as important as excellent food in creating a space that attracts customers, encourages them to stay (and spend), and keeps them coming back.

Author’s Bio:

Paula Morris-Dungan attended Art Institute of Pittsburg for Residential Space Planning and interior Design. She is a full-time freelance writer who writes for blogs and a discount fabric store about various topics including paint, furniture, outdoor and upholstery fabric (including Duralee fabrics and Robert Allen fabrics), and interior design in general.

Tiger Teak Ceilings is the Future of Home Design

Tiger Teak Ceilings is the Future of Home Design

The distinctive teak heartwood carries itself in a golden brown hue, which turns into a dark mocha with exposure. White teak, on the other hand, has a creamy color. The look of Tiger teak depends on the proportion of white teak and teak heartwood in the flooring or paneling. An eloquent mixture of these two characteristics produces a dramatic presentation based on the great variations in color and texture. Teak is usually harvested before the tree is too old to ensure the ideal blending of teak heartwood and white teak is attainable. Knowing the desired combination of golden brown and creamy brown color in each component will complement your home’s /exterior design well help you choose the perfect tiger teak planks for your ceilings.

Using tiger teak on your ceilings will add a stunning, bold yet warm statement to the entire design. Tiger teak ceilings play with light the way that paint and drywall cannot. In respect of covering imperfections such as wires, holes, pipes, or rotting on your ceilings; using this spectacular wood for this will come in handy. If your home is built on concrete floor, a tiger teak ceiling works to balance that with its striking visual effect and create spaciousness in the room.



Depending on your architectural preference, there are various ceiling styles that will be a great suit.

  1. Planking ceiling

When tiger teak ceiling is done in planking style, it consists of strips of wood lined one next to the other in rows in tongue-and-groove fashion. This technique forms a fancy design of impressive texture for the ceilings. A perk of choosing planking is that you have the freedom to paint, stain, or leave your tiger teak planks natural. If you are familiar with Scandinavian design, you know that white is the signature color to their design. Such treatment on tiger teak planks will generate an expansive feel for the room. However, it is recommended to leave planks with their natural tiger teak color. The reason being that homeowners are aware of tiger teak’s great value for the eloquent mixture of teak heartwood and white teak making it one of a kind.

You can also use tiger teak planks to achieve a headboard look. Well-known as a signature feature of farmhouse design, headboard ceilings is where little ridges between each plank are left visible.

Another tiger teak planks can pull off beautifully is shiplap a particular feature of beach houses. Shiplap is similar with headboard, only the planks are made to have rabbeted joint on each edge so that they will be fitted together adequately for increased strength and stability.

Tiger Teak Ceilings is the Future of Home Design

  1. Exposed beams ceilings

If you aim for a rustic charm, this style of ceiling design will do the trick with the beams and pipes exposed to view from the room below. It creates a lofty feel for the space and acts as a unique highlight in a large view.

If your ceiling is high up and has arches, having the exposed beams following the slope of the ceiling will keep that large, airy, and classic hallway design in your home. With the natural light color of tiger teak, even a small space can enjoy the beauty of exposed beam ceiling as it will give it a more spacious look.

Tiger Teak Ceilings is the Future of Home Design

  1. Coffered ceilings

Tiger teak coffered ceilings communicate a sophisticated and intimate air to the room. Popularity has been increasing in recent years due to its timeless elegance. Coffered ceilings accentuate a series of sunken panels or rectangular panels that frame together to form comic strip shapes.

This square shape design not only adds a decorative element to your ceiling but also reduces the amount of echo in rooms with tall ceilings.

Deciding where to set up lighting fixtures or ceiling fans for coffered ceilings is not tricky at all. Hanging them at the centermost panel is often the ideal choice so that other panels may feature recessed lighting.

4 Considerations When Planning Your Recessed Lighting Layout

4 Considerations WhenYou adore the effect of recessed lighting and plan to use it for your home. You did up some exploratory research and found out about retrofits and had a rough idea how to set them up. However you are still bewildered. How should you plan the illumination layout to derive the effect you desire? What sort of fixtures are appropriate for this? What are the additional issues to consider?

Here are a few questions you may want to go through before drafting your lighting blueprint:

(1) What Sort Of Illumination Effect Do You Intend To Achieve
Dependent on the room and purpose you are employing recessed lighting on, the outcome you require might be dissimilar. And that will in turn affect your decision on the lamp, housings, trims, bulbs and layout to use. Conventionally, recessed lighting works well in places like art galleries or houses, museums, salesrooms, meeting rooms, study rooms, halls, kitchens, shower bath, bed rooms, staircase, dining-rooms, eateries and restaurants, taverns and hotel rooms. As a matter of fact, if you're really considering it, the list is quite endless. Any space you will like to go for either a focused or spectacular effect can be attained with such lights. Some homedwellers have also employed recessed lighting for operational uses like reading, brightening up halls, steps or simply general illumination in showers.

Accent lighting
Like the name indicates, accent lighting concentrates the recessed lighting on a specific item or region so that the eyeball is immediately drawn onto it. This is a common and attractive method to adorn the home interior whilst lighting up the space simultaneously! It produces a graceful mix of light and shadow and brings about a 3-D effect. These are common for emphasizing a house painting or artwork display and can be constructed with one or a set of recessed downlights, casting onto the exhibit or surface area. In that kinda scenario, the lamp you select can be paired with multiplier or reflector trims and employed with tight floods for a clear simplistic experience. In the event you're trying for a striking focused setting, like those generally used within dining areas, connect these lamps with light dimmers for a wider range of intensity.

General lighting
Having adequate work illuminance and flexibleness within a space is the aim which general lighting is attempting to accomplish. You can scatter a few recessed lamps like table light fixtures and supplement that with wall washer recessed fixtures for brightening up the walls.

Task lighting
Lights arranged for a specific intention like reading, illuminating the hallways or staircase are broadly termed as task lighting. It is commonly mixed with either general or accent lighting or both to support various needs. The result can be terrific! For instance, you can have accentuated lighting in the shower bath with a couple of recessed lights centering on certain components like a vase or exhibit and a lens trim recessed lamp for task lighting the shower stall.

(2) What Ought To Be The Light Beam Angle?
This answer actually hinges upon the illumination effect you are attempting to accomplish. However, always bear in mind that the lighting produced by recessed lights are typically in a retinal cone shape, with the origin arriving from the lamp and casting off a concentrical illumination on the floor. The angle we're relating to here is the arcdegrees from which the beam is let out. A lamp will roughly create a band of light at least 9 fts over the ground if the fixture is 8 fts above the floor with a sixty degrees angle.

Besides, remember that the illumination casted isn't of the same density. 2 thirds of the illumination on the ground is likely to be more intense than the rest which is spilt over and filtered off as its elongates away from the origin. You can overlap the splitted over lighting from two recessed down lights to derive a more regular illuminance.

Another designing consideration is the operational work plane. Just in case you are wondering what's that, this is an area at least thirty ins higher up the ground, a zone where most chores are conducted. It's vital because the distance between the surface and fixture diminish in proportionate to the size of the circle brought up earlier. Therefore, in the event you are designing the lighting layout for the kitchen, maintain your lights approximately four fts away from one another so that you will have a shape that's level to the work plane, which cast off a concentrated portion of the light onto the tasks surface area
Other illumination angles can be also constructed with different trim designs.

(3) How Far Should Each Light Fixture Be Spaced?
For general lighting, position the fixtures about one-half the ceiling's height. Which means, in the event you have a 8 fts ceiling, the space between the lights should be about four fts. Bear in mind that this is just a high level estimate since you will still need to factor in the earlier issues discussed. You can use this as a bench mark and project the number of lights required along this estimate.

Other interesting placement tips include:
– For a 3-D result, setup recessed lighting fixtures with wall-washer trims over the 4 sides of the room. They're also great for accentuating wall art displays.
– When arranging lights for tasks such as reading or cooking, set them over the head where the beam is less likely obstructed.
– Brighten up an item (like a vase exhibit, sculpture) at two or three unique angles to derive a irregular three-D experience
– Always position your recessed lights about eleven to nineteen ins before the art piece, ornament or any object you would like to direct the attention to.

(4) How Many Recessed Lights Do You Have To Use In A space?
The answer depends. Besides the factors already brought up, the color shades of your walls, floorings and ceilings, the room size and the type of bulbs, lamps or trims considered can influence the number used. When you've a family kitchen with a 8 to 9 fts tall ceiling in light tones and generally light or easy colourized wall and furnishings, about five recessed down lights with white baffle trims and 75 walks PAR30 light fixtures can be set up in line. Approximately four or five fts away from the center. You can also connect them to dimmers for better control and flexibility of your lighting needs while saving energy and costs concurrently.