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A simple buying guide of kids bedroom furniture

A simple buying guide of kids bedroom furniture
Choosing the furniture for the kid's room is sometimes a difficult job. Unlike the other rooms, kids want their space to be decorated creatively where they can comfortably play, study, and sleep. Its often seen that there is not much space in the room, so its a challenge to the parents to get through this issue. There are several things which are required to set a perfect room. Styling the kid's bedroom requires precision and a bit investment, so take the calls accordingly. As there may be some units which you child won't be using for much longer as he or she will grow up, you need to change the interior again. The best way to initiate the work is to first go through the buying guide that will eventually help you to make a proper list of the requirement and design the childrens bedroom beautifully. Choosing furniture for kid's bedroom can be great fun, but the choices you make have to be practical too. From storage, shelving, bunk beds, there are countless ways to make space and keep clutter at bay. Investing in something of good quality means it will stand the test of time and be passed on to younger siblings when or if the time comes. This article will help you to select the best furniture units for your kids.

1. Bed: Measure the space carefully because bunk beds will need ample room for kids to climb up on to. However, single beds may require extra space too if you opt for under-bed storage.

2. Storage: Kids are more likely to keep their toys and clothes organized if storage is fun to use. Our colorful shelves, stylish wardrobes and chests of drawers are great for keeping that mountain of clutter under control. Moreover, they will learn to keep the things organized for an early age. The storage can also be accommodated in the bunk bed, i.e. below the bed in the form of drawers.

3. Study table: Place a nicely crafted study table equipped with multiple storage to keep the stuff. Moreover, you can choose a wall mounted design as well if you face space scarcity in the room. Choose a chair which gives a comfortable seating and proper posture to the back.

4. Mattress: Choose the right mattress which gives a comfortable sleep. This is equally important as the other units.

5. Upholstery: Sofa beds are best for last-minute sleepovers and also offer the opportunity for bedtime stories, while an armchair gives tired grown-ups a place to perch.

6. Materials: Select the kids bedroom sets of genuine quality, i.e. made of solid wood. This ensures great strength and durability.

7. Soft furnishings: The cushions will add color and pizzazz to your childs room, but don't forget to choose printed bed linen, of which most are reversible, to change up the look. You might also opt for a colorful rug, it's a great way to create a safe play area on the floor for your tiniest ones.

7. Lighting: A bedside light is essential in the room, or you could create a softer glow with a folded, graphic lampshade. The colorful lighting will add a touch of style to your kids' space, especially if you've gone for a more neutral base.

These were some styling tips for the kid's bedroom you can buy as per your requirement and his/her choice. All of them are crafted with the genuine material, and it is durable. When you buy the kids furniture online, also you can avail customization facility where you can design the entire bed. Make a delightful and beautiful appearance in your kids room.

Conclusion : Kids room furniture comes in great comfort and elite appearance. You can select your choice of kids bed, table and give an upgrade to the interior. This furniture unit has an ultimate elegance and completely useful. The variety of kids room styling tips will facilitate you to choose the most appropriate furniture.

Summary : Kids room furniture comes in great variety where the storage and bed are the most prominent one. You can customize the bedroom furniture according to your wish and give an elite view to the room. Its multipurpose use is it's another USP which holds its grip to be one of the most promising functional units.

Author's Bio: 

The author of the article has pretty good knowledge about the pros and cons of selecting perfect kids room furniture. Experienced a variety of units at Wooden Street, which helps me to explore and compare them which were required.

8 Easy Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

8 Easy Feng Shui Bedroom Tips
Innumerable studies have shown that a good night's rest is vital to happy and healthy living. By applying these 8 Feng Shui bedroom Tips don't be surprised if you find yourself sleeping better, feeling more rested and refreshed than ever before.

These Feng Shui bedroom tips are all about attracting and channeling energy through and around the room. Done correctly this energy will work toward a health restoring, restful sleep experience.

Feng Shui understands that all aspects of life contain levels of energy. Science, within several independent studies, agree that "all matter in the universe is connected on the subatomic level through a constant dance of quantum energy exchange."

In other words what scientists have discovered within the last few hundred years, the Eastern practice of Feng Shui has been applied for 1000's of years.

So, let's get started on creating the positive energy effects of getting a good night's sleep by applying these Feng Shui bedroom tips.

Feng Shui bedroom Tip 1: Rearrange Your Bed

The foot of the bed should not point directly to the door.

The door is the entry way for Feng Shui's life energy. Blocking or stopping that energy with objects or doors will only create limited access or stagnant air pockets.

The goal is to allow the positive energy (known as Sheng Chi in Feng Shui) to easily move around the room and over your body as you sleep.

Position the bed in a way you can easily see but does not block the door.

Feng Shui bedroom Tip 2: De Clutter

The fewer items you have strewn around the room the more conducive your room will be to peace, rest and sleep. Surface clutter goes beyond Feng Shui in that the subtle emotional reactions will agitate your inner space. But, with Feng Shui in the bedroom clutter acts as a energy breaker or blocker.

Imagine your room as a road. If you have to constantly maneuver around objects such as rocks, tree limbs, or animals…the drive becomes exhausting. If you can cruise down a clear country road for miles without distraction, the drive is relaxingly enjoyable.

Chi energy works in the same way, when the space is free of clutter. Though a great storage area stuff under the bed will block energy from circulating properly.

Feng Shui bedroom Tip 3: Use Soft Edged Furniture

Anything with "points" is understood to generate Sha Chi energy which is the negative counterpart of Sheng Chi.

This type of energy drains and weakens. It's the place of depletion, sickness and poverty. If you are experiencing feeling of depression or general malaise, it is understood by the followers of Feng Shui that you are under the influence of Sheng Chi energy.

Pointed edges from furniture, head boards or anything in the room that is pointing toward you as you sleep are referred to as "poison arrows".

Evaluate the rooms layout and either replace your furniture with softer edged ones or reposition those points so they are not facing you as you lie on your bed.

Feng Shui bedroom Tip 4: Close the Master Bathroom Door

Water is full of moving energy, when a master bathroom door is open it will attract and pull any positive energy quickly through the room and down the toilet.

Think of this as acting like electricity. Electricity always takes the path of least resistance, so will Feng Shui in the bedroom if you do not keep the bathroom door closed.

Feng Shui bedroom Tip 5:Move The Electronics

Keep computers, telephones, televisions, cell phones at least 5 to 6 feet away from the bed. These items give off electromagnetic fields (EMF) which will take a toll on your overall health and well being over time.

If you cannot move these due to a small spaced bedroom, try to separate or break up the path to these EMF waves by using a portable wall divider or large floor plant.

Feng Shui bedroom Tip 6: Remove Activity

A desk with a computer or an exercise treadmill is a constant reminder of work or exercise. Remove any items that do not create the attitude and expectation of rest and sleep.

Once again if there is no room in the rest of your house, find a way to block or divide the visual awareness of these items also by using a large plant or room divider of some sort.

Feng Shui bedroom Tip 7: Paint the Walls

Color effects your mood and emotions. By painting your walls a soft robin egg blue or warm neutral, the mood in the room will invite peace and slumber. Accent the walls with soft edged paintings with further soothing colors. Do not include mirrors as a wall design accent.

Feng Shui bedroom Tip 8: Open Those Windows

If at all possible circulate fresh air through the bedroom each night. By circulating air you are circulating Cheng Shi in your Feng Shui in the bedroom.

These are just a few important steps to inviting the positive life changing power of Feng Shui in your bedroom.. By implementing these simple steps to bring Feng Shui into your bedroom you are well on your way to experiencing more success, improving your health and of course, getting a superior nights sleep.

5 Tips for Vibrant Kitchen Feng Shui

5 Tips for Vibrant Kitchen Feng Shui
The kitchen is a very powerful place, feng shui-wise. It is the heart of the home. Like your heart, it is deserves special care for optimal health. Does your kitchen delight the senses? Or it is usually an eyesore?

The kitchen will positively affect the part of your life and your body it relates to when :

1. The kitchen counter surfaces are primarily clear and ready to allow you to prepare yummy, healthy meals. Even if you eat out nearly all the time. Youll want some beautiful, colorful, bountiful feeling art, accessories, or even just bowls of real fruit. A healthy plant or two.

What you dont want are counters so stuffed with occasionally used appliances and stacks of papers that it is impossible to use the kitchen without clearing a space first.

2. Ideally, knives are kept in drawers. Yes, they probably came in a beautiful counter top knife block, but it is not good feng shui to have knives so easily accessible, especially if there are children in the house. And even if they arent. Williams Sonoma has in-drawer knife blocks.

3. Your kitchen will have two, three, or four drains. Drains can drain your finances, your physical health, your aspirations to travel, clog your sinuses, and otherwise wreak havoc, depending on the kitchen location in relation to the feng shui grid.

Ideally, you keep all those drains closed unless youre using them. In reality, that can be a real hassle. Which isnt good feng shui either.

You can energetically keep your drains closed with kitchen sink strainers.

4. Can you see the front of your refrigerator? Or it is covered with photos, kid art, exercise class schedules, calorie/fat charts, coupons, and a horde of marauding magnets?

It is good feng shui to display your childs art. Its even good feng shui to do so on your refrigerator. However, not willy nilly and not in the midst of all that other stuff. If you are honoring your childs artistic endeavors, honor it. Display it clearly.

Photos of people who love and support you, depicting fun vacations and personal celebrations are great for the refrigerator door. Create a pleasing composition of items with the door as the canvas.

Tape exercise class schedules to the INSIDE of a cabinet door. Ditto calorie/fat counters. They are handy but dont nag you, there.

5. Out of sight is not out of mind in feng shui, so if your kitchen cabinets are stuffed with appliances, containers, multiple sets of china, and even food you havent used in over a year, its time for some clutter clearing.
Cleared out cabinets frees your creativity and your respiratory system if that is the part of the grid where your kitchen lies. If it is in your Relationship area, cleared cabinets help you clear out your emotional baggage and be fully present with your sweetie.

The basic question to guide your kitchen Feng Shui is this: Does your kitchen delight your senses or not?

Author's Bio: 

Kathleen Tumpane ASID is available for custom interior design, home & office feng shui consultations, and speaking engagements. She is the author of Slim House Slim Body. For more info, visit or call 760.568.2933.

2 Effective Homemade Cleaners For Kitchen Cabinets

2 Effective Homemade Cleaners For Kitchen Cabinets
kitchen cabinets are the face of every kitchen attracting the whole attention. Even if you are the most careful cook, splatters will still appear. Grease and grim always find a way to cling to the most remote and unthinkable surfaces in your kitchen. Even if the kitchen cabinets don't look dirty, bacteria and other food particles may have left in your hands, causing them to stick to the surface and allowing an adhesive residue to build up. Most people think that cleaning as you go is the best way to keep a satisfying level of cleanliness in your home, but on days when you're preparing a multi-ingredient meal, it won't be enough. A deep cleaning will be mandatory.

For that purpose, you could make your cleaning solution with the ingredients you already have in your pantry. It's effectiveness is as good as an expensive, non-green, bought from the market cleaner.

What You Need?


Liquid dishwashing soap
Cooking oil
Baking soda
Wash rag or a cleaning toothbrush
Magic eraser
Rubber gloves
Essential oil (if you have it)

Cleaning With Soap

For basic dirt and grime you could make a combination of liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. The proportion is: a tablespoon of dish soap and a half cup of warm water. Mix them until the ingredients homogenize. Put a pea sized amount of that paste on a toothbrush or a clean rag, then scrub down your kitchen cabinets.

Again with the toothbrush, clean under the hardware, or if it's possible to remove them in order to clean the cabinets deeply, will be great. We all know that the area around the hardware needs the biggest attention, but let's not forget to wipe down the sides, insides and the front door of the cabinet. Then rinse with warm water. You could clean in the same way as a professional cleaner could.

This cleaning solution could come in handy if you are moving into a new apartment and the kitchen cabinets and other greasy furniture need degreasing before using them, Yes, it's not the most amusing domestic chore, but as sooner as you could do it, the better and relieved you'll feel. As long as you wait, more grime will build up.

A magic eraser could be used for those surfaces that are painted and easily scratched, because the abrasive cleaners could damage them.

Cleaning With Baking Soda

In case the dishwashing detergent doesn't work, you can use something more abrasive, like baking soda. The next recipe can be used on any hard for cleaning surface. Pour 3 tbsp. of baking soda in a small dish and add cooking oil, mix until you get a slightly runny paste (about 1 1/2 tbsp.). Be careful because if it's too runny, it could slide off your furniture. Additionally, you can add 2-3 drops of essential oil to the mixture so it will smell nice during and after the cleaning session.

Now, the funny part comes. Dip a cleaning brush in the paste and start scrubbing! Harder to clean is the cooked on food on the bottom of the cabinets, so don't forget to look there. After that, rinse off any leftover residue with a wet rag.

Yes, it may sound to you like one of those impossible tasks used to torture people in Greek mythology. But, it's not true.

*Hint: In order to ease your chore, put paper on the tops of your cabinets where people can't see. That way the grime and grease will fall down on it. Changing the paper once a year will be suffice.

By and large, the final decision is yours. You can make your green cleaner from the products you have at home or you can buy expensive cleaning detergents, but risking to leave toxic residues after cleaning.

Bathroom Upgrades to look Forward in 2018

A master bathroom is where we seek comfort and luxury and the quotient rises when it is the master bath. When remodeled with care and perfection, a master bathroom promises many years of pleasure and aesthetic value. But only if skilled hands and minds execute the job, when you do an amateur job, you get the reminder about the fact very often.

Thanks to the experts for coming up perfection in the job that bathroom remodeling has a redefined presentation that can be seen and felt at the same time. While remodeling a bathroom, experts strike the perfect balance between quality of construction and functional design. All this in your pre-decided budget for the master bathroom remodeling or upgrade.

Bathroom needs grass-root dcor as there arent any furniture and accessories, like any other room, to enhance the look of the space. Best utilization and presentation of the space itself has to speak for the feeling grounded underneath- restorative, serene, organized and restful.

From a white marble bath space that speaks timelessness and serenity to a white tiled bath space with elegant showers that depicts luxury and class, there are many bathroom upgrades that one can look forward to.

In this article, we will discuss 4 major bathroom upgrades and what makes them the top picks.

Bathroom Upgrades to look Forward in 2018

Upgrading Master Bathroom:

Master bathroom is the bathing area attached to your master bedroom and primarily used by the owners of the house. It is larger than other bathrooms in the house and thus has more scope for executing better upgrades. Time and now, experts have come up with better ideas and innovative presentations of this private space of the house. Each upgrade refines or curates more personal space in the bathroom and sets it bespoke to your requirements. Here are our top 5 recommendations for master bath upgrades:

Floating Vanities:

Floating Vanity is the new say in 2018. Just like Furniture Vanity made a buzz in 2017, floating vanities are sure to leave homeowners, especially those in love with their bathrooms, awe-inspired. While furniture vanity looks like a custom piece of jewelry that plays artfully with your home dcor and is retrofitted in a way to have enough space for a sink and plumbing, floating vanity is entirely different.

Bathroom Upgrades to look Forward in 2018


Just as the name suggests, floating vanity is a type of vanity that has all its plumbing parts and components encapsulated under a skirt or some sort of design made of wood, stone or any other refinishing material. The primary motive of this type of vanity is to enhance the visual appeal while simplifying the functionality. Primarily used in modern designed bathrooms, this type of vanity is becoming more and more famous style among homeowners and the results are simply mesmerizing.

From experimenting with the plumbing pipes to re-innovating the bath space into a powder room cum full bathroom, there is a lot to do with your little private space. People have also tried traditional styles or experimented with fusion to make the bathrooms an eye candy to the spectator.

Bathroom Upgrades to look Forward in 2018

A bathtub in the Bedroom:

For some, this might be weird, but for some, this is the very innovation that helps them make their bathroom more personalized and private space. Though you cannot adapt it with every type of floor plan, this bathroom upgrade is surely for the romantic sorts of persons, provided you have a spare room to set up the toilet, sink and shower while your bathtub artistically stands on your bedroom floor.

However, you need professional bathroom repair and refinish expertise to set up the entire thing in a way that it doesnt appear too much cheesy. It must be done in a tasteful way while analyzing the architecture of your room and house perfectly.

There are many proud homeowners, who already have this upgrade pleasingly installed in their living space. The setup can be rustic or pristine white and on a pedestal or without it, according to your choice. Whatever you pick, first stay prepared to compromise with your privacy but only for something better.

Bathroom Upgrades to look Forward in 2018

Black Fixtures with open ledge storage:

Black is elegant and simply the king of the colors when it comes to experimenting with the bath space. While brass remains our core color for bathroom upgrades, we cannot hide our love for black, bathroom fittings. And trust us, some of the bathrooms with this setup has all the power to captivate your mind and soul. A timeless color, and also very easy to adapt to a variety of bathroom styles.

This is a core reason this trend is becoming more and more famous with each passing day. Its ability to gel up with any type of surface, hardware, background, material and more is what makes it a hot choice for bathroom upgrade trends for 2018.

From bathroom fittings to door and maybe a wall or half more, artistically balanced bathroom definitely bring a visual dose for the eyes and goes deep within. People have also admired black and white stripped tiles, offering a clean and classic look. The best part is, it let you keep the bathroom minimalistic in terms of view yet offer a great appeal of elegance.

The black, when combined with open ledge storage, does wonders in real life. Not a while ago, we left the walls clean and started stacking all the things on the ledges, but this time, homeowners want something different. They do not want to do away with the art pieces but make it small while making more space for toiletries, soaps and a few toothbrushes on the ledge.

However, not everything can be stacked in these ledges and you may need a medicine cabinet to stock the excess items. Only prettier and visually appealing items can be put on this arrangement and not any ugly toothbrush or a half empty and rolled tube of shaving cream.

While some may complain that the feature lacks functionality, for others, this can be a pure delight for the eyes.

Marbled walls:

Just like diamonds, marbles are forever. They were always the trendy and classy part of the bathroom walls and will always remain the same. But, this year, the homeowners & bathroom designers love for marbles has got a boost. 2018 is boasting about more and more use of marble, making bathrooms stonier than ever. It can be a long marble slab, stretching from the floor to just beneath the ceiling or a horizontal slab from one wall to another holding the basin and a few decorative items may be.

If you like things to be simple and away from a chaotic visual appeal, marbled walls come up as an option to rely on. Moreover, it does not bind you with any color scheme and paint the canvas as the way you admire, without losing the classic effect.

However, experts suggest that when you use marble, you should use anything else to let the marble outshine. The marble remains the focal point while everything other empowers the background.

The latest trend in marble walls is Bookmatching it appears in the marble wall is an open book. For this, the marble experts chop the marble in two halves and join them in a way that the same patterns come side-by-side, giving a feeling of an open book. Trust us on this, the final look is simply majestic.

There are many other bathroom remodeling upgrades that are making way to be big in 2018. While some of them are already tested by homeowners, a few of them are still waiting for the experiment to be executed in a real-life home.

A few dos and donts of bathroom upgrades:

Just like any other renovation project, there are a few things that can make or destroy your bathroom aesthetics. When you work under expert guidance these things can be ignored as the professionals are there to take care of the job. But, in case of DIY projects, things become a little complicated. So, here are a few dos and donts that you must keep in mind for a bathroom upgrade:


Always have a set budget for the project but expect to step out of it as many things will come your way. A few unexpected problems that you may face during bathroom upgrades include water leakage problem, floor damage problem, old sub-floor decay and more.
Keep the toilet in covers if you are planning an integrated bathroom. This way it can be utilized more easily.
Choose surfaces that allow friction. This way you can prevent untoward accidents.
Shell out money when designing the bathroom shower. It is one of the prime areas that demand your attention, in terms of creativity as well as budget.


Never rush into the process, it is a critical job and the professionals need their time to bring out awesome results.
Hire skilled labor if you are expecting a dreamlike bathroom for your dreamy adobe.

So, now that you know what and how to go for the master bath upgrades, what are you waiting for? Go, get your bathroom revamped to the latest trends.