The Do's & Dont's of Wedding Flowers

The Do's & Dont's of Wedding FlowersA wedding is one of the most important days in the couples life and flowers are the most crucial components of the wedding. The main reason is that they look breathtakingly gorgeous and all this beauty can cost you enough to hurt your budget. So knowing the floral side is very important to make the best decisions and choices. But, not everyone has the time or understanding to do things right. Well, there is nothing to fear as we will get you on track with your floral vibe and your budget. Simply follow these dos and donts when considering your wedding flowers.


Be realistic about your budget

You must have seen pictures or been to weddings with roses, peonies, and garlands draped everywhere, the flower-strewn gorgeous wedding that look entirely out of a fairy tale. Well, that is because that much was spent to create that look, getting that kind of arrangements an take up all your wedding budget. So, before setting your eyes on what you want - flower wise, make sure your expectations match your budget and then proceed.

Look for inspirations online or in wedding magazines

Everyone has a feeling as to how they want their wedding to look but to turn that feeling into reality you need to figure out exactly what you want. Research is the only way to do it, go online, look at the wedding magazines, spend some time to get to know exactly which flowers you like. Look at the theme and the venue to decide on the colours, decide on the type of arrangements you want. All this can only be done if you are well researched, so get to it.

Hire a professional

The best decision you can make is to go with a professional florist whose work you have seen and like. Just be sure to make them understand what you want and what your vision is for your wedding, any tips and helpful suggestions are welcome.


Go for out of the season blooms

One of the fastest ways to blow through your budget is not aware of whats in season. These days with the flower delivery services you can get any flower all year round. But they can cost you a small fortune if you are decorating a wedding, so make it a point to get the flowers that are in season, or have a flexible budget if you are eyes are set on that one flower which is out of season.

Try to DIY the flowers

No matter how much you love doing flower for other peoples wedding, or if you have a tiny budget and think you can save by DIY. Its not worth the pressure and tension the task brings along with it. This is your wedding, and you already have a lot of things to take care of, so try not to add the flowers to that list.

Decide on a look just because it is photogenic

Flowers are a very important part of the wedding, and you need to be smart about it, don't choose a decoration simply because you think it will look good in the photos. Focus on what you like and what is in the budget, and weddings are about reflecting the bride and grooms taste so make it your own.

There are inspirations everywhere you look. Find the decoration that you like and remember to follow these dos and donts in order to make the most out of your buck. Another great way to decide on what you like is actually seeing and feeling the different flowers physically if you are short on time then you can have then ordered to you with same-day delivery services and have a look that way.

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