Tuscan Home Decor-Easy To Do With The Right Design

Tuscan Home Decor-Easy To Do With The Right DesignTuscan home dcor brings a light and comforting ambiance to any room. The colors are rich and bring the hues of the Italian countryside into focus through grape and wine themed pieces. Wrought iron finishes the look and adds an elegant and austere appearance to any room.

Tuscan themed interior design is based around earth tones that are usually warm and inviting. This earthy feel uses many natural elements such as wood and stone to give the appearance of a rustic villa while complimenting more modern aspects of the design. Distressed wood tables and chairs give the home character and provide an old world atmosphere. Simple is best when it comes to furnishing where being too ornate can make the dcor lose its homelike charm.

Think texture when choosing the look for walls and floors. A terra cotta backdrop provides the perfect canvas for the Tuscan related pieces that will adorn the walls. Brick and stone are the ideal flooring to bring the look together and truly give the appearance of living in an earlier time. This was how flooring was done before the creation of linoleum and other synthetic surfaces and fortunately still holds appeal today.

Tile adds a splash of color to kitchens or bathrooms. Granite or stone countertops are in keeping with the earth theme and tiles that accent make these surfaces pop. With all things Tuscan, simplicity is best where the design of the tiles shouldnt overwhelm the room. The tile should enhance the main pieces without being too busy where it makes it hard to focus on other features in the room. Remember, wall and flooring surfaces are merely the canvas on which you will paint the ambiance with well chosen wall hangings and other decorative pieces.

When you walk into a house done with Tuscan home dcor, you should immediately be hit with a sense of simplicity that reflects Tuscan living. A home that has too many pieces or too many busy patterns, will give the impression of being cluttered with no natural flow.

Tapestries depicting the Tuscan way of life add the deep tones that one associates with the vineyards. These exquisite wall hangings often use wrought iron frames to add further charm to the space. They are available in many sizes and there are many designs to choose from that are appropriate for just about any room in the house.

By keeping the floor plan of the home open, and properly placing accent pieces, Tuscan home dcor is an easy look to achieve. A balanced mixture of both old and new gives the atmosphere an old world feel while still providing the convenience and ease of modern living.

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