Trends in Interior Design

Trends in Interior DesignTrends come and go and for an interior designer, it is vital they are aware of any new trends in their field. Ideally designers will keep up with these trends and, in some cases, even create a trend or two.

In todays modern world, one trend which is showing a strong pattern of growth is in developing a natural look inside your home, one in which to relax with nature. Interior design schools are on the lookout for trends appearing in the industry and the industry in turn can keep an eye on course material in colleges. What is being taught in interior design courses can be put into practice by designers already in the field. Even short courses like workshops will sometimes feature sessions on a specific new trend.

The natural look, so called because it brings the sight and feel of nature into your own home, uses color schemes, furnishings, drapes and furniture which have the look and feel of nature. It means choosing colors which make use of the sun in the morning and the darkness of the night in the evening. It means using products which are natural and bring the forest indoors. This could mean wood paneling and furniture sourced from forests with an earthy touch and appearance.

Another trend which goes hand in hand with this natural look is to add items which help people relax within their environment. Fountains are now popular not just in gardens but indoors where the sight and sound of a water feature suggests calm and tranquility. The mood can be further enhanced using aromatherapy. Its all part of this trend to take away the formal aspect to living, the almost straitjacket feel where the interior is all lines and spaces and structured. The back to nature feel is relaxed and open and simplistic.

People often face stress in their work today. Not only can the work place be a difficult environment, so too can be the journey from work to home. Traffic gridlock and public transport delays and overcrowding leave many workers doubly stressed by the time they get home. What is thought to be the perfect antidote is the natural look of the interior design of their house or apartment.

Soft colors which have the look of nature are chosen to give the earthy furniture a peaceful, relaxing setting. The design creates an oasis from the worries of work and travel.

One of the best aspects of the natural or back to nature trend is simplicity. Designers are going for the elementary designs in furniture steering away from elaborate and futuristic designs. There is obviously a time and a place for all types of designs tastes but in this trend towards nature, simple is best.

Think of the best things you enjoy about nature. The golden glow of a sunrise, the fading beauty of a sunset and the darkened sky with a million stars. Now picture living with an interior design which brings all of these into your living space or places you in a viewing space to maximize the benefits of the beauty of nature.

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