Trading Mission Review

Trading Mission ReviewThe Trading Mission live Futures trading room was created in order to allow traders at any skill level (from novice to professional) to copy the trades of a professional fund manager. In this Trading Mission review I will be looking at the inner workings of this trading service.

We concentrate mostly on Light Sweet Crude Oil (CL) and so an account with a Futures broker is essential. This usually means you must have at least $10,000 in your trading account, however the amount you choose to trade with is completely up to you. We use and recommend NinjaTrader platform inside the trading room and you can use them as a broker also.

Inside the trading room there will often be times when our head trader teaches his techniques and gives his analysis but this is not the main focus of the room. The main focus is profit. We enable our members to copy the moves of 20 year trading professional in real time. If you are a serious trader with realistic goals then this could well be the place for you.

How does Trading Mission work?

The trading room opens at 08:30am EST every weekday. So just before this time we recommend that you login to our screen sharing software and wait for Carlos our head trader. We also have a chatroom which you can login to as well in order to communicate with other members. This is a really great part of what we offer since the chat room is open 24 hours a day and you can go in there and talk to other member any time you wish.

During the trading session Carlos our head trader will forecast market trends and will execute trades on a live account. You will see him call the trade beforehand and you will see him enter as well as where he sets his Stop Loss and how he manages his risk. Carlos will also give advice in real time so those with smaller accounts and those with bigger accounts are bother take care of.

Unlike most trading rooms we do not close the room at a specific time. The room is closed when profit targets for the day are hit or if Carlos decides the market is too mixed or unstable to be worth the risk. In these cases we may close the room or switch to a demo account in order to protect capital.

One of the great benefits of trading with us is that you will be given the bigger targets which Carlos has calculated so you can continue trading on your own after the room has closed if you wish to.

Who is Trading Mission run by?

Carlos Diaz is the head trader. He has an extensive background in Forex and Futures and has been teaching traders for over 10 years. His daily Forex forecasting service is called Foresight FX and this has been a successful and respected service for over 5 years. On top of this he also manages large accounts for private clients after the trading room is closed.

Carlos Diaz is helped by Juan Alexandrino who is a former student of Carloss. He became successful in his own right and has teamed up with Carlos to help with the trading room and to manage large funds with Carlos once the trading room is closed.

If you email the Trading Mission support address you may get a reply from myself or Pete. We are two of the partners on the trading room who take time out to answer client questions personally each day.

What results can you expect?

This is a tough question to answer. We do have an official Trading Mission results page but this does not necessarily show the results you might personally achieve. Carlos tends to play it very safe with his trade calls in order to ensure the members with smaller accounts are protected. However we often see members holding trades for longer and using more contracts to make much larger profits. The results page also doesnt show how often the bigger daily targets are hit. We have over 80% accuracy with calling the overall trend and many members continue to trade on these forecasts after the trading room is closed.

The only true way to know what kind of results you can achieve with us is to trade with us and to test it yourself. We are the first to admit that our service isnt for everybody, but those who do like it tend to stay for long time so we must be doing something right.

Final thoughts!

Trading Mission is much more than a live signal service. We are a community of like-minded traders who are coming together to trade like professionals. We understand the risks of trading and we do our best to manage those risks accordingly. We are realistic in our goals and we strive to understand and analyze the markets in an in depth way that allows us to pull big profits month after month.

If you would like further information and videos in the form of a Trading Mission review then sign up here: or to take the Trading Mission live Futures trading service for test run then sign up here.

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