How Social Media Can Jeopardize Your Car Accident Injury Claim

How Social MediaIt never fails. As soon as something great or terrible happens, someone reaches for the phone.

Are they calling their spouse or parent? Dialing 911?

Nope. Theyre posting about it on Facebook or Twitter.

If youve found yourself in a car accident, think twice before uploading those pics on to Instagram. This thoughtless and commonly instinctive move can have a negative impact on your car accident injury claim.

Read on to find out how and why social media can jeopardize what you have coming to you.

Social Media and its Impact on Your Car Accident Injury Claim

Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.

Sound familiar?

The same goes for posting on social media. If you dont believe us, here are 689 published reasons to keep your private legal business off of the internet.

If youre taking selfies on roller coasters and showing everyone on Instagram that youre a hit at the toga party, even the best personal injury lawyers wont be able to help you.

Romano v. Steelcase

In this case, an office worker had her chair collapse. She filed suit, claiming that the injuries sustained during the incident left her unable to leave home and socialize with friends.

The defense used her own social sites against her, showing pictures of her clearly outside of her home. They made note of the vast number of smiley face emojis, crippling her claim for emotional damages.

The World is Watching

When you file a car accident injury claim, you need to assume that you are being watched.

Your insurance company does not want to pay you. Their defense in your case will be to prove that you are exaggerating your injury claim or outright lying about it.

Its likely that they will hire a private investigator to watch your every move. Something as mundane as yard work could be enough to bring the extent of your injuries into question.

Your social site profiles are public record despite the privacy claims of these social media sites. While no one wants to see selfies of injured or depressed people, the opposite can be used to show that any emotional damages or mental anguish claims are false.

Keep Your Mouth (And Your Fingers) Shut

Youre mad. We get it. You were just driving down the road, minding your own business, and then Bam!

The little old lady from down the street t-bones your brand new Honda.

While these kinds of events can be infuriating, its important to not let your emotions get the best of you.

Rage posting on social media when youre trying to file a car accident injury claim is one of the worst things you can do for yourself.

Dont talk about your case. Dont talk about your medical diagnosis. Do not, under any circumstances, mention any communication that youve had with insurance companies or your lawyer.

The Best Possible Practice

Weve talked a lot in this post about what you shouldnt do when it comes to social sites and your car accident injury claim.

So what can you do on social media?

You can remove yourself from it. While youre being watched and anything that you post can be used against you, you should be a ghost on the internet.

When the dust has settled on your dispute, you can return to your normal, social self.

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