Vintage oriental carpets: great look… great investment

Decorating a home can be expensive and often what you pay for floor coverings can never be recouped. But finding a great vintage oriental carpet can mean the next time you decide for a complete re-decorate, you may actually make money.

The key is finding a vintage oriental carpet company that can assist in finding a great carpet that is well made and will rise in value. This is much like finding an art dealer that will ensure your money is well spent.

Many believe that oriental carpets all look the same and are of the same colours but few are aware of the amazing range of designs and colours available today.

It is even possible to have a custom design woven for you at a fraction of the price of some inferior quality but “designer rugs” whose prices will never go up.

Handwoven, hand knotted oriental carpets do not even have to look “oriental”.

A bespoke oriental rug company that uses natural dyes and quality handspun wool can create a masterpiece that will rise in value rather than depreciate as soon as you buy it.

Natural dyed carpets that are well made and taken care of will always find a market with collectors. Oriental carpet prices are fair and not over-inflated with hype.

Vintage carpets that are unusual in pattern or colours are more apt to increase in value more quickly. Of course, like art, the price is often subjective to who is buying it and how much they will pay, but a reliable oriental rug dealer will have posted prices that are held accountable. The will also if selling rugs online have a no quibble return policy and impressive client list to assure the client of reliability.

A vintage carpet might be aged ten years or nearer to a century but it is the quality of the making that will make it unique. The knots per square inch will mean a longer wearing and cleaner, crisper image.

At Sharafi & Co we pride ourselves in sourcing the best in Persian and Oriental vintage carpets.

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