Unique Style of Italian interior design

Italian interior design has the characteristic of minimalist house Interior and unique style. Decoration often uses new European furniture design. With a little extra touch will be able to add more ideas to the concept, such shelf art deco style furniture. In modern Italian interior can be divided into two main areas: classical and minimalist. Classic Italian interior is a modern interpretation. Italian interior design always gives the spirit of innovation and passion for experimenting with blends, styles, materials, and structures. From there comes the unique interior, classic and fashionable ethnic character.

Italian interior design is mostly made from stone, handmade wooden beams, and decorative, besides the ceiling painted by hand. Not surprisingly, many tourists fall in love with Italian style design simple home, and try to re-create classic styles such as Traditional Home. Home in Italy usually use to frame the stone archway at the entrance to the front of the house. The entrance looks sealed is a deliberate ploy to make more intimate. It aims to add to the beauty of the home.

Tiles are mandatory elements that must be present in the Italian interior design. Tile is also the easiest way to bring the feel of Italy into a room. You can also choose plain tiles, slightly patterned, or painted tile mural painting. Tiles that are large can be displayed individually or as part of an art object in the kitchen itself. For the color, select a color-color palette but still looks warm and earthy like ivory, bone white, or gold.  As in traditional Tuscan homes, a mix of stone and plastered walls forming the front page. Home Decoration with stone arches and hand-painted, vaulted ceilings define the formal living room is commonly used interior antique velvet, silk furnishings, and Italian coffee table with gold leaf patina. Adequate lighting enhances the atmosphere beautifully. Overall design of this Italian style house is a new concept offered by the Architect. Good integration between the interior and exterior to make a beautiful home. The architects have made a good combination between modern minimalist style and feel of nature into the home. 

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