Refreshed 59 Square Meters Apartment In Tel-Aviv

With an affinity for fantastic spaces, architectural studio Sfaro delight us with anotherapartment in Tel Aviv. Remember the inspiring 40 square meter apartment in Tel-Aviv we featured a while ago? Well, this apartment is slightly larger, occupying 59 square meters, but engaging the same attention to details and space personalization as the smaller one. Located in an Israeli apartment building, this bright residential space is the result of careful floor planning – Sfaro Architects rearranged the spaces by eliminating unused corridors and closets – this allowed them to make room for a second smaller bedroom. In order to recycle the space, only the two original support columns remained as part of the new layout, the rest of the walls having been torn down. A central circulation spine was thus introduced to complement the small space and house all the storage spaces, service functions and heating/cooling systems. You can see a “before and after” photo of the main living space including the living room, open kitchen and study space being transformed from boring to fabulously modern.

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