History of Interior Design

                Interior design was not just born quite easily in the past. There is a long process before it is like what it is now. The history of interior design was first begun by the former people whose houses were caves. At this point, the people in the past only found some caves, cleaned them, put things they needed inside the caves, and lived there. In other words, these people did not make or built anything. They just looked for a place that they considered safe and 'renovated' the inside part of the caves. After that, tribal cultures had a more improved point of view about their living place. Caves were not their number one choice anymore because at one point, they realized that they were able to build something for them to live. They actually improve the history of interior design by building huts for their place to live. These huts were made of materials they could find around them, such as mud, tree branches, wood, and animal skins. The people in the past used their creativity to improve their huts again and again until the designs of the huts were bigger and much better than before.

                When the people in the past were able to build quite big huts, they started to think about the beauty of their huts. It is showed by the Egyptians who started to think about decorating the inside part of their huts by putting animal skins, sculptures, painted vases, and other simple furniture. The history of interior design was then improved by the Greek and the Romans who used simple furniture and accessories like what the Egyptians had done before. They did it because they wanted to make use of the unused space inside their houses by putting vases, wall paintings, and so on in order to beautify their houses. Today the interior design has been very improved and is still improving in the near future.           

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