Best 9 Ideas For Halloween Decorations

It’s time to Halloween parties and have some spooky fun. When there are parties there should be decorations too. Do you have any ideas of how to make your indoors look like a spooky house?

If you trying your hand in crafting the decoration items for the first time, here are some of the ideas for Halloween decorations which help you to make homemade items at a very less cost but do not appear so.

Boo Bottles:
Glass bottles, straws of different colors, white paint and black marker are all what you need. Remove the labels from the bottles and spray paint with white. Once the paint dries up draw faces with the black marker. Drop some straws inside the bottle removing the cap. That’s it. Nice center pieces are ready for your room.  

Cobweb Coasters:
The things you may need are bobby pins, twine thread, white paint, 3/8 inch flat metal washer and toy spiders. Fix the bobby pins on the washer and wrap the twine thread through them. Spray the white paint to give the ghostly look you want. Put some toy spiders on the web to make it complete.  

Vampire Napkin Rings:
To make your table look scary you can tie the napkins with vampire teeth. Tie the white napkins at the center with a thread and fix the vampire teeth. Sprinkle drops of red color to give the ghoulish look to the set.  

Ghostly Lanterns:
Take empty gallon milk jugs and draw faces on them. Fill the jugs with holiday lights and keep them at the entrance of your house to give the ghostly glow to your house. You don’t actually need to spend much for this.  

Wicked Witch Candy Dish:
Take an old pair of heels and wrap it with sparkling paper and decorate it. Fill it with the treats to make it a perfect Halloween candy bowl.  

Hanging Bats and Ghosts:
Change egg cartons into bats. Cut the egg cartons, paint them black and complement it with sparkling eyes. Convert leaves into ghosts by painting them with white color and draw the faces with black marker after the paint dries up. Hang these bats and ghosts to give a perfect look.  

Long lasting Pumpkins:
Take empty jars, clean them and wrap them with orange construction paper. If you don’t find a construction paper tissue paper also works. Add the facial features using black paper. Put a tea candle inside it or a battery operated bulb. Your pumpkin glows even after Halloween.  

Candy Corn Garland:
Take paint chips in yellow and orange colors and make a garland out of them and put it at the entrance of your house. You can cut these paint cards into lantern shapes or any other shape you like.  

Candy Corn Vases:
Take clean empty bottles and spray paint them with orange yellow and white and they make your table perfect for Halloween.

All these ideas for Halloween decorations are very cheap and can be made from the reusable items in your house.

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